marți, 24 mai 2011

It all became clear when the apocalypse came. It was a disaster, everyone was preying and running for their lives. Noone believed that there could be a way out. There could only be hope.

At that time, not much people knew how to survive in the most extreme cases... Wait, I didn't tell you what became clear. Let me explain...

It was a beautiful day in the USA. Everybody was playing, listening to music, and all that stuff. Suddenly, an American pastor came from nowhere, saying that the end was coming. People believed that he was crazy. But he was right. Only the way he said the end will be was different. The Earth wasn't going to crack in half because of an earthquake, the Earth was going to be attacked by a dragon, the last of his species. Then, a huge tsunami will come. But noone, noone could think that they'll survive.

Back where I left off, now: the only way to escape was to ride the dragon and get to safety. But the dragon couldn't be tamed. He didn't need food, he could kill you every second by making you bacon. So, there wasn't even hope now. Everybody wanted that to end faster. Most killed themselves, others waited to confront the most powerful enemy: nature.

To be continued...
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luni, 23 mai 2011

Aveti nevoie de calmare emotionala? Apelati la mine! Sunt un bun psiholog...
Tel: cereti-l la scoala!
Am venit de la scoala, am terminat temele... E timpul pentru relaxare!
Nota de la teza la romana a fost 9.50. Felicitari si celorlalti din clasa cu rezultate bune!
Atentie! O sa incep sa scriu povesti, saptamanal. Puteti (si chiar va rog!) sa imi dati idei in commentsuri. Povestile vor aparea pe la inceputul saptamanii.
P.S.: Puteti aparea si voi in povesti! Doar spuneti-mi si va bag in mijlocul actiunii!

duminică, 22 mai 2011


Urmatorul continut poate fi vizionat de persoane fara simtul umorului sau care nu apreciaza imaginatia mea bolnava numai cu acordul sau impreuna cu bunul-simt ori aprecierea muncii altora.

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